Conductive Fabric Tape
Conductive Fabric Tape
According to different base materials, it is divided into conductive fabric tape, conductive non-woven double-sided tape, conductive foam tape, copper foil tape, and aluminum foil tape; ; used for electromagnetic wave shielding and electrostatic discharge of internal components such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. wait.
Features and Benefits


Peel Force≥6N-20N/25mm;

Surface Resistance:≤0.03-0.07Ω/sq;

Shielding range:10MHz~3GHz,Shielding effectiveness:≥60dB;

Good stickiness, can stick to a variety of materials; good conformability and adhesion performance;

Good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic wave shielding performance;

Composite release paper facilitates die-cutting processing.

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