Thermal Conductive Gap Pad
Thermal Conductive Gap Pad
Divided into GAP-PAD series、High Thermal Conductivity Series、High Strength Series、Low Density Series、Low Dielectric Series、Low Volatility Series、Non-Silicone Series、Carbon Fiber High Thermal Conductivity Series、Graphene Series、Thermal Conductive Absorbing Series.Used in smartphones, drones, smart wearable devices, network terminal equipment, communication equipment, power electronic equipment, laptops, automobiles, security, optical modules and other products.
Features and Benefits

Thermal Conductivity 1-25W/m.k;

It can be used repeatedly and is easy to disassemble and repair;

Soft, elastic and compressible, it can fully fill rough surfaces, reduce interface thermal resistance and play a certain buffering and shock-absorbing role;

Can be compounded with glass fiber, PI film, insulation sheet, etc. to increase strength, electrical isolation and wear resistance;

Excellent insulation performance, flame retardant performance and aging performance, wide application temperature range, low temperature can reach -60℃, short-term high temperature can reach 250℃; different thicknesses/hardness can be designed according to application gap/stress requirements, and the base material can be specially treated (Such as detackification, tackification, etc. effects) and die-cutting of different sizes and shapes;

The surface is naturally sticky, easy to operate, and can also be automated for assembly.

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