Thermal Insulator Sheet
Thermal Insulator Sheet
It is used in products in LED, IGBT, MOS tubes, power modules, optical modules, communication equipment, network terminals, data transmission, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, medical equipment, military equipment, aerospace and other fields.
Features and Benefits

Thermal Conductivity 1-8W/m.k;

Using glass fiber or polyimide film as reinforcing material, it has high strength, good puncture resistance and tear resistance;

Excellent thermal conductivity and insulation properties;

Low interfacial thermal resistance achieved at low pressures;

Low installation pressure, different thicknesses can be selected according to application requirements, and the base material can be specially treated and die-cut;

Comply with UL94 V-0 standard;

Good reliability, wide temperature range, -60℃~250℃;

Good dielectric strength.

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