Thermal Conductive Phase Change Material
Thermal Conductive Phase Change Material
Divided into GAP-PAD series、High Thermal Conductivity Series、High Strength Series、Low Density Series、Low Dielectric Series、Low Volatility Series、Non-Silicone Series、Carbon Fiber High Thermal Conductivity Series、Graphene Series、Thermal Conductive Absorbing SeriesUsed in smartphones, drones, smart wearable devices, network terminal equipment, communication equipment, power electronic equipment, laptops, auomobiles, security, optical modules and other products.
Features and Benefits

Thermal Conductivity 1-8.5W/m.k;

At a certain temperature, the material changes from solid to gel or liquid;

Good thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance;

Reasonable phase transition temperature;

Excellent initial viscosity, easy to operate;

Good reliability, no pump problems.

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